About Us

In 1881, the Agricultural Implement Manufacturing Company moved their operations from the corner of East Washington & Locust Streets to Akron, Ohio. The partners of Garver, Foltz, & Company traveled to Akron, Ohio, and made a deal to purchase the vacated property in Hagerstown. About two months after the deal closed, Cyrus Garver died, leaving Henry Foltz and Daniel Garver as the two remaining partners in the firm. The name of the company was changed to the Hagerstown Iron Works in 1884, and Henry Foltz engaged in the active management of the partnership. In 1888, Daniel Garver passed away, and Henry Foltz continued the operation of the business under the name of the H.C. Foltz Company. In 1890, Mr. Foltz bought out the Hagerstown Steam Engine & Machine Company. H.C. Foltz Company obtained all of the patterns and equipment and now could manufacture and repair parts for all of the machinery that had been produced. With the addition of steam replacement parts, the company became more than just a repair shop and, from that point on, the company began to expand.